Same-Day Emergency Service

Gum Disease Management

Gingivitis and periodontitis affect millions of Americans, but so few recognize the lasting impact that gum disease can have on your entire body. If you experience chronic toothaches and jaw aches, suffer from swollen, receding, or bleeding gums, or have a persistent unpleasant breath that you can’t quite get rid of, it is important for you to talk to a dentist to determine whether you have periodontal disease, and how you can stop or reverse its effects.

Root Canal Therapy

For many patients, the idea of having a root canal treatment is a scary thought. They would rather endure the pain of an infected tooth or the permanent effects of an extraction than face a dreaded root canal. We strive to provide a different experience here at Chi Family Dental, by making the procedure as fast and comfortable as we can, and by keeping you informed through every step. When we are finished, your tooth will be restored to its fullest function to last for many years to come.


When a tooth has decayed too far to be saved, or if its placement poses a risk for your other healthy teeth, it is sometimes better for the tooth to be entirely removed. At Chi Family Dental, we offer the safest tooth extractions in Missouri City, TX and the surrounding areas. We use the highest quality, surgical-grade tools and technology. Most of all, our caring staff are committed to making you feel safe and as comfortable as possible during the procedure.

Same-Day Emergency Service

Dr. Mba and the team at Chi Family Dental are committed to all our patients when they need us most. That’s why we are proud to offer same-day service for emergency treatments. We are proud to be the best dental office in all of Missouri City and the surrounding areas, and boast a five-star rating on Yelp and Facebook. We accept most PPOs, and walk-ins are always welcome. Don’t delay, and come to Chi Family Dental today to restore your smile.